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Set Design
Oya lélé, so much color, so much fun! Studio 100 asked CREMEFRESH and Bas Temmermans to make a 360° set for a tv series about the K3 girls running an inline rollerdisco. Because we wanted to create buildings with a lot of color we borrowed the architectural style of the Miama Art Deco District. Simple geometrical, mostly rounded shapes and a combination of colors define this style.

Focal point is the bar and its long canopy that runs into the building behind it. Unlike in most fiction sets, the soft lights were mostly integrated, because almost everything was visible while turning around in this huge decor.

MATERIALS: red, orange, yellow, blue, purpe, pink, green, and lots more colors of the rainbow
Design: CremeFresh for Bas
Client: Studio 100 / VTM Kzoom
Location: Studio 100 / Puurs
Build: Bas Temmermans

Art Director: Bart Van Leemputten
Light Design: Painting With Light
Props: Charly Vandenborre
Showgirls: K3
Photography: studio 100